Clan log of Lovely_PrammoSpammer

All clan transfers of player are stored from the moment of registration on site (07/29/2016), but not earlier than 2/7/2016.
Additionally, partial clan history for earlier period may be stored in player's clan profile
Date Clan Position
08/23/2017 [PURPL] Purple Potatoes Private
08/22/2017 Not in clan -
08/22/2017 [PURPL] Purple Potatoes Private
07/17/2017 PRAMO [PRAMO] Cry About It Executive Officer
01/24/2017 Not in clan -
10/25/2016 Not in clan -
09/16/2016 [ARISE] Extraterrestial Noobs Private
09/14/2016 PRAMO [PRAMO] Cry About It Private
08/27/2016 [ARISE] Extraterrestial Noobs Private
07/30/2016 PRAMO [PRAMO] Cry About It Private