Predator Ultramarines

Hybrid nation Heavy Tank
VII tier
Predator Ultramarines в World of Tanks Blitz
VII tier / Heavy Tank / Hybrid nation / Premium
Price 0 gold Hull armor 130 / 75 / 45
Hit points 1320 HP Turret armor 150 / 65 / 35
Basic Performance
Armor protection
Shot efficiency
The Predator is the primary combat vehicle of the Space Marines from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The heavily armored front and strong turret securely protect it against enemy shells, and the quick-firing automatic gun conveys the Emperor's revenge to any fool who dares stand up against this menacing vehicle. Warhammer 40,000: Macragge's Thunder © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2017. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

Configurations and modules

Guns 1
Gun tier
Aiming Time (s)
Caliber (mm)
Dispersion at 100 m (m)
Rate of Fire (rounds/min)
Elevation Angle (deg)
Depression Angle (deg)
Reload Time (s)
AP Penetration, mm
APCR Penetration, mm
HE Penetration, mm
HEAT Penetration, mm
AP Damage
APCR Damage
HE Damage
HEAT Damage
Maximum Penetration, mm
Maximum Damage
Gun Weight (kg)
Turrets 1
Turret Tier
Turret Hit Points
View Range (m)
Traverse Speed (deg/s)
Traverse Angle, Left (deg)
Traverse Angle, Right (deg)
Turret Weight (kg)
Engines 1
Engine Tier
Power (hp)
Specific Power (hp/t)
Chance of engine fire
Engine Weight (kg)
Suspensions 1
Suspension Tier
Traverse Speed (deg/s)
Load Limit (kg)
Suspension Weight (kg)

Selected config characteristics

Hit points
Armor protection (%)
Firepower (%)
Shot efficiency (%)
Maneuverability (%)
Hull armor: front (mm)
Hull armor: rear (mm)
Hull armor: sides (mm)
Turret armor: front (mm)
Turret armor: rear (mm)
Turret armor: sides (mm)
Weight (kg)
Top speed (km/h)
Top reverse speed (km/h)
Load limit (kg)
Hull HP
Hull weight (kg)
Standard configuration

Best players

Only tanks with at least 100 battles take part in rating. 3 vehicles total.

Best by ER

# Player Games Victories ER
1 Luc____ [XWING] 136 57% 1235
2 HEAT_Catcher [-LOL] 203 50% 815
3 EG04XSP [OLDS] 853 47% 754

Best by WN7

# Player Games Victories WN7
1 Luc____ [XWING] 136 57% 1393
2 HEAT_Catcher [-LOL] 203 50% 1029
3 EG04XSP [OLDS] 853 47% 819

Best by MGR

# Player Games Victories MGR
1 Luc____ [XWING] 136 57% 36.502
2 HEAT_Catcher [-LOL] 203 50% 30.804
3 EG04XSP [OLDS] 853 47% 28.795
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Average tank indicators

Calculated only among the tanks, on which at least 100 battles were held. Total processed 3 vehicles.
Victories %DamageSpottedEnemies destroyedDefenseK/damK/destr
51.451 1090.625 1.256 0.692 0.168 0.789 0.693
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